Lets start this blog by saying that unlike most other UK review sites stating they are UK hosting sites but listing US companies, these reviews are for UK businesses ONLY. Choosing the correct host makes your life easier as the ones who offer application support can help trouble shoot when you make a mistake. A correctly optimised server from a good host also helps your page performance for your customers browsing experience and Google ranking.

Web hosting is now a huge industry, so huge, we are able to test and compare specific service providers from certain regions where the demand is high. There’s a large appetite in the UK for businesses and individuals in general to have an online presence, especially in an age where word of mouth can only get you so far. Great services are now often shared via social media, and without a good website builder (opens in new tab) helping you create a site to showcase your services and/or products, there’s really no way to reach interested potential customers. Your website is only as powerful as the web hosting it receives. That is why having a website requires a top quality web hosting service that can cater to your specific needs based on the region you’re in, just as much as it needs a great design.

These web hosting companies are NOT based in the UK, they may have datacentre’s presence across some countries but are not based and ran by a UK company

1. SiteGround – Bulgaria
2. Hostinger – Lithuania
3. Scalahosting – Texas
4. A2 Hosting – Michigan
5. GoDaddy – Arizona
6. Host Gator – Texas
7. Host Papa – Canada

Reliable Web hosting companies in the UK

1. EveryHost – Birmingham Web Hosting
2. Krystal – London Web Hosting
3. Nubule – Manchester